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L series cable

This series of spindle plate processing using multi-axis CNC machining center refined from; 7075 series aluminum plate body, the appearance of the special BMCL surface treatment process

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Product overview:

This series of spindle plate processing using multi-axis CNC machining center refined from; 7075 series aluminum plate body, the appearance of the special BMCL surface treatment process, not only beautiful, and oxidation resistance, but also to increase the surface hardness; Equipped with our company's unique design of ultra-thin large range high-precision sensor, the sensor uses 42CrMo material, the United States OMAGE company's high impedance, high and low temperature performance of the strain material, strong overload resistance, long service life; Scale performance, sensitivity, linearity, repeatability, waterproof, power consumption and other excellent performance, and can adapt to many occasions and different climate environment use; The platform is equipped with natural rubber guide slope, oxidation resistance, impact resistance; Dynamic weighing If supporting the use of transitional slope length equal to the equivalent distance of the coupling wheel, dynamic weighing effect is better. The scale body can be equipped with small wheel, with small handle, move and put easily; The basic requirements are not harsh, only need to level off the hardened road surface can be arbitrarily placed for use. The sensor is convenient for disassembly and maintenance.

Application field:

1. Enforcement and supervision of overloading by traffic police and road administration; Overflow control inspection at high-speed entrance.

2. It can be used in enterprises and public institutions, construction industry, wharf, warehousing, logistics and other industries

3. It can meet the high precision weighing requirements of wheel weight, axle weight and total weight of wheeled vehicles (including aircraft), and the weighing range is large;

4. Multiple board combination, can be dynamic, static interactive use, and can partially replace the use of fixed truck scale occasions.

5. It can be used as high precision weighing module in enterprises, schools and scientific research institutions.








500 series

1.Platform: wired/wireless




2.Rubber guide slope



720 series

1.Platform: wired/wireless




2.Rubber guide slope



3.Transition connecting plate of coupler car



900 series

1.Platform: wired/wireless




2.Rubber guide slope




Product performance:

1. Weighing range: single sheet weighing: 2 t ~ 40 t, shaft weight: ≤80 t;

2. Accuracy grade: static weighing: 0.1% F.S; Dynamic weighing: +/ 1%-3% F.S.

3 overload capacity: safety overload: 130%; Limit overload: 160%.

4. Temperature range: -30/80 degree C

5. Waterproof rating: IP67

6. Signal processing: wireless transmission/wired transmission; Support multi-channel signal processing; Support for online upgrades.

7. Automatic license plate recognition system can be equipped, or customized software can be used to connect the existing system of customers according to customer needs.

Accessories selection:

1. Transition connecting plate of coupling car (it can improve the ride comfort of the vehicle after use, especially the dynamic weighing accuracy can be improved to within 1-2%)

2. Sensor (easy to maintain), large screen, scanner, camera, printer, battery, car charger, signal line, weighing software, etc.

3. Customize software, LOGO, packaging, etc., which can be displayed in multiple languages.

4. Explosion-proof occasions can be customized


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  • Changzhou Youbao Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd

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    The company has a strong ability of rapid R & D response, timely provide targeted design products, to fully meet the needs of customers.

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    In strict accordance with the national standards to organize the development and production, in the enterprise internal establishment, implementation and maintain the ISO9001:2000 quality management system.

    The weighing apparatus and accessories produced are extremely rich in types, complete in specifications, fast in delivery, with a high cost performance ratio, and has obtained a number of national patents.

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