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H series wireless

Thin thickness, light weight, only need to be placed on hardened ground, save foundation construction, easy to install, use and storage,...

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Product overview:

The bearing body of this product is made of advanced aeronautic alloy aluminum material of Chinalco Group, which is processed by numerical control. Built-in ultra-low height high-precision stainless steel sensor, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, long service life; Sensors are carefully designed by the Sensor Division of our company, using the U.S. Doweston stress elements, fast response; The sensor manufacturing process is equipped with DF2006J high-precision measuring instrument and WH-10T force measuring machine and other precision instruments, etc. The front and back sides of the platform are protected by laser cutting high-strength steel plate with anti-corrosion treatment on the surface, and the internal plate is protected by multi-channel anti-corrosion, waterproof and sealing protection. The slope of the upper and lower scale of the vehicle is made of engineering plastic injection molding with high strength, rolling resistance, oil and water resistance and low temperature resistance, which is portable and durable. Weighing body and drawing slope adopts integrated collapsible connection.

Thin thickness, light weight, only need to be placed on hardened ground, save foundation construction, easy to install, use and storage, high cost performance, is widely used in vehicle dynamic weighing occasions, for fine weighing occasions without special requirements, can also be used.

Application field:

(1) Law enforcement monitoring of vehicle overload by traffic police and road administration;

(2) To meet the vehicle manufacturing enterprises to vehicle wheel weight, axle weight, total weight and other testing requirements;

(3) General requirements of industrial and mining enterprises, construction sites, docks, warehousing, logistics and other enterprises for vehicle weighing;

(4) no site permission to install fixed loadometer places, or often need to move the site of enterprises or individuals.




size  MM

weight   KG


According to the body



The range is 20T, the size can be customized

Woven lead slope



The slope length can be customized


Product performance:

1. Weighing range: single sheet weighing: < 20T, axle load: 40T;

2. Accuracy grade: static weighing: +/ -0.3%F.S; Dynamic weighing: +/- 1%-2%F.S.

3 overload capacity: safety overload: 120%; Limit overload: 150%.

4. Temperature Range: -30/80 degree C; Waterproof rating: IP65

5. Table battery: > 100 hours; Meter standby time: 40 hours, support external power supply (optional).

Signal processing: wireless transmission; A table unlimited connection requires a number of platens, dynamic/static can be met at the same time.

7. Support the installation of automatic license plate recognition system, rich storage models, optional.

Accessories selection:

1. Large screen, camera, scanner, printer, signal line, sensor, weighing software and customized software.

2. Lead slope can be lengthened according to customer demand.

3. Multi-language version display, can be customized for a variety of environmental occasions (including explosion-proof occasions)


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