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Changzhou you treasure: experience sharing loadometer maintenance points

Release time:2021-03-25 Browse:703

Electronic loadometer, also known as truck scale, is widely used in many industries weighing, but its maintenance work is also very important, Changzhou Youbao weighing device manufacturers, experience to share the following maintenance points.

1, the gap around the electronic weighing platform shall not have a foreign body stuck, free movement, if there is a foreign body stuck must be cleared.

2, often clean the scale surface, keep clean (construction instrument: once a year scale surface paint)

3. The connector should be maintained every six months, and the supporting head should be smeared with butter after cleaning.

4, the electronic platform is strictly prohibited from welding operations or the scale as a ground wire.

5, the sensor and the scale limit clearance is 2 ~ 3mm, such as the gap is not appropriate must be adjusted.

6, the foundation pit should not be water, due to rainstorm and other reasons caused by the foundation pit water, should be immediately with a pump to pump or dredge the drainage channel, and take drying measures before the instrument can be energized.

7. The high speed of weighing vehicles shall not be greater than 5 km/h, and the car is prohibited from braking violently in emergency on the weighing platform.

8, the weight of the weighing vehicle and the total weight of the cargo should not exceed the rated weighing.

All the above points are about the maintenance of loadometer, in order to reduce the incidence of failure loadometer, we can not ignore the importance of maintenance. More loadometer consultation, welcome to pay attention to Changzhou Youbao Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Website.

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