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How to solve the electronic platform scale can not print the phenomenon?

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Electronic platform scale according to the function can be divided into: weight electronic platform scale, counting electronic platform scale, explosion-proof electronic platform scale, electronic platform scale printing and so on, actually print electronic platform scale use range is wide, such as supermarket, shopping mall, the market of these places are used to this kind of print, electronic platform scale, because the electronic platform scale printing function, many occasions are need to print documents, however, electronic platform scale to use time is long, may also can appear some problems, such as the print electronic platform scales may appear can't print. So what should we do if we encounter such a situation?

Changzhou Youbao focus on the production and sales of electronic platform scales for many years, to tell you about the printing of electronic platform scales can not print the solution:

Scenario 1: The green light blinks and does not print.

Problem: communication error solution: replace the cable check whether the port of the machine is normal check whether the communication setting is correct

Case 2: Print several sheets and report an error.

1, the problem: loose guide paper clip solution: re-install the guide paper clip

2, the guide paper clip due to dust clogging can not be centered to remove the guide paper clip plug

3, the actual size of the printing paper and programming Settings are inconsistent to reprogram

Situation 3: The print is unclear or blotchy.

1, the problem: the printing head dirty solution: clean the printing head

2, bad or defective carbon belt replacement carbon belt

3, the printing paper and the selected carbon tape does not match, replace the printing paper or carbon tape

According to the above list of three kinds of fault phenomenon, control to solve, if you also want to know more about the actual situation of electronic platform scales, you are welcome to consult Changzhou Youbao Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the national loadometer, truck scale, portable axle load instrument, explosion-proof weighing device, electronic platform scales, etc., high quality and high price, welcome to inquire.

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