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Common electronic platform scale failure problems and solutions

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Common faults of electronic platform scales and their solutions:

1, boot without any display, sound: from the circuit analysis "no display" is the fault of the display circuit, no sound is the fault of the buzzing circuit. The probability of both failures occurring at the same time is very low. So the common fault occurs on the power supply circuit.

2, weighing is not allowed: observe whether there is friction phenomenon in various parts of the sensor, whether the stabilized power supply is stable, whether the operation amplifier circuit is normal. A/D circuit board whether there is A foreign body.

3, poor display: boot to observe whether there is any bad situation on the normal LCD, if not, it can be concluded that the LCD is bad; Check whether the CPU pins are oxidized, cold welding or short circuit phenomenon; Check the circuit between CPU and LCD for short circuit.

4, the battery can not store electricity: first determine the fuse, power switch, power cord caused by the problem; Check whether the transformer has AC110/220 input and AC18V output; Check the machine version, the transformer input end inserted PIN accessories of the bipolar body is normal; Replace the battery.

5. The electronic scale cannot be charged or the charging indicator light is not available or does not respond: please first determine whether the 110V/220V voltage switch of the electronic scale is adjusted to the same voltage as the power supply, and make sure that the charging line has been firmly inserted into the charging seat on the scale; Check whether the charging line is broken by external force; Check whether the fuse is defective; Bad battery.

6, the button no action or action is often triggered automatically: the button is bad; Button socket is not good.

7, electronic scale can not scale to full load: electronic scale protection screw has not been removed; Electronic said whether there is foreign body infiltration caused interference or impact, fall; Whether the internal procedures of the electronic scale are set correctly.

The above is Changzhou Youbao to share with you some of the electronic platform scale failure phenomenon and treatment, you are welcome to pay attention to our official website. Learn more about weighing machines.

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