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How to solve the problem of electronic scale?

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hangzhou youbao electrical manufacturing company for many years to produce and sell a variety of weighing devices, such as loadometer, weighing instruments, etc., the following Xiaobian on the company's product electronic scale to talk about the failure of what should be done?

The electronic scale cannot be charged or the charging indicator light is not on or does not respond

1. Please confirm the 110V/220V of the electronic scale first. Whether the voltage switch is set to the same voltage as the power supply used, and make sure the charging cable is firmly plugged into the charging base on the scale.

2. Check whether the charging line is open due to external force.

3. Check whether the fuse is defective.

4. Bad battery.

5. It is recommended to send it back to the distribution station for processing for 4 reasons or for non-above-mentioned factors.

Electronic scale boot without any action?

1. If you use dry (storage) batteries, please confirm whether the voltage of dry (storage) batteries is sufficient. If the voltage is insufficient, please replace the dry battery (charge the battery).

2. For the user of Adaptor, pull out the Adaptor output terminal connected to the electronic scale, and then install the dry battery. If it can be turned on, that is, the Adaptor is damaged, please replace it.

3. Whether the fuse of electronic scale is defective.

4. Switch or button may be damaged.

5. Possible malfunction of electronic components.

6. For reasons 4 and 5 or for reasons other than the above, it is recommended to send them back to the distribution station for processing.

The above is some processing methods that you treasure company does when the electronic scale fails. I hope it will be helpful to you. The company also welcomes you to inquire about the purchase.

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