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What factors will affect the weighing results of the truck scale?

Release time:2021-03-25 Browse:91

Some customers respond that the truck scale bought back is not accurate enough. It is also in accordance with the installation diagram given by the manufacturer. Today, Changzhou Youbao will talk about what factors will affect the weighing results of the truck scale.

1. Influence of installation foundation on accurate weighing

Installed on the basis of the Qingdao scale load accurately use has a very important position, is the so-called great oaks grow from little acorns, installed base if there is a problem, there is no normal accurately using loadometer, weighing accuracy will also be affected, the installation of the platform balances first should be a suitable and spacious grounds, and should ensure that have larger bearing capacity, the height of the ChengChongDian must in the same horizontal plane.

2. Structure design of the bearer

As a force surface of truck scale, the structure and design of scale platform should meet our expected use purpose.

Any device installed in a fixed position on the truck scale, its foundation and the related artifacts should be able to provide a certain amount of strength, stiffness and stability, and around the parts of each activity should have clearance, within the scope of the no-load, as well as the whole truck scale weighing the impact of no contact, to ensure its measurement performance in use period.

In addition to the above two points will cause the inaccurate weighing data of the truck scale, the sensor will also affect the data. You are welcome to consult our company to learn more about the factors affecting the loadometer data.

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